We have decided to commemorate our first 20 years by giving to the community

The company Poli-mix from Šapjane has symbolically marked 20 years of continuous work with a generous donation – two defibrillators that would be used as resuscitators when relevant. The devices were handed to diligent firefighters in the premises of Kras Šapjane Volunteer Fire Department by the founders and owners of the company Poli-mix, spouses Alenka and Dominik Simčić.

Alenka Simčić, director of Poli-mix, used the opportunity to state that they are one of the socially conscious companies and have for many years been sponsoring students coming from low-income families. They have been continually donating a part of their revenue to various charity projects, where they frequently take part in projects of other organisations, particularly Rotary Club Rijeka.

“We have therefore decided to make a humanitarian act and donate two defibrillators to our Kras Šapjane Volunteer Fire Department as a way of commemorating the 20th anniversary of our business. We hope these resuscitators are used as seldom as possible, but if they help a single life, we will be happy to know that the donation found its purpose”, concluded the director.

Given the specificity of the Volunteer Fire Department, which besides Šapjane consists of another division in Mune, each unit shall be given one defibrillator, whereas the operative personnel will be trained on how to use them.

We decided to make this donation because it has a great significance for the well-being of the population in the upper part of the Municipality of Matulji. We will not cease to make donations and care for the community, but will instead continue to act as a socially responsible company in accordance with our business development.